Expert Board of Fondation ONE HEART

We appreciate the fact that we can rely on the expertise and experience of renowned scientists and top professionals.

We will introduce them here.


Doc. Ing. Helena Chaloupková, Ph.D

Professionally, she has been involved in the ethology and welfare of domesticated animal species, especially in the areas of maternal and social behaviour, ontogeny, the relationship between man and animal, welfare in relation to animal housing and handling, for almost 25 years.

She is engaged in research into the quality of life of both farm animals and pets such as dogs, cats or "pet" rabbits. She has worked, among other things, at the Institute of Animal Science in Prague Uhříněvs in the Department of Ethology, focusing on the ethology of farm animals and their welfare. Since 2011 she has been back at the Czech University of Agriculture. She is the head of the Department of Ethology and Companion Animal Science at the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources .

In addition to scientific work and lecturing at the university and publishing the results of research in the field of welfare in renowned scientific journals, she is also involved in popularization work for the general public.

"I think it is important that current knowledge about animals and their biological needs reaches people who want to keep and own them. Nowadays, it is necessary and actually normal to ensure a good quality of life for the animals we keep, although this is of course not without compromises."


Ing. Romana Šonková

A trained zootechnician, she has been involved in animal protection for over twenty years. Since 2008, she has been representing Compassion in World Farming, an international NGO dedicated to improving the lives of farm animals and promoting humane and environmentally sustainable farming methods, in the Czech Republic.

She has been involved in negotiating legislative changes in the field of animal welfare standards in the Czech Republic and the EU for many years. For almost twenty years she has also been a member of the Central Commission for Animal Protection, an advisory body to the Minister of Agriculture.

"Animals are amazing creatures, perceptive and intelligent. They deserve our understanding, kindness and compassion. I believe that humanity will arrive at a harmonious coexistence with all living creatures, but we still have a long way to go. Every step in the right direction is very important on this journey."


Dr. Barbara Alice Paldus

She is a recognized Canadian-Czech scientist, and not only in the field of biotechnology, with a PhD from Stanford University. A holder of more than 40 patents, investor and serial entrepreneur who founded companies such as Picarro (greenhouse gas detection for climate change monitoring) and Finesse Solutions (biotech equipment for vaccines, cancer treatment and cell therapy).

She is currently celebrating success with Codex Labs, which aims to provide affordable and highly effective skincare that supports the microbiome and ensures the healthiest skin possible, all without compromising on sustainability.

Dr Paldus believes that even the most cutting-edge research can be done without animal testing - she has never used such methods in her practice or business. Her products carry verified international Cruelty-free certifications.

"With advances in biotechnology, skin models and artificial intelligence, I can't imagine a future where there is a place for animal testing. If we as a society decide we can convert all cosmetic products from the lab to human testing - and if we say we can't? Then maybe we shouldn't develop such products."