Thank you to our partners

"Everyone can easily contribute to a better life for animals."

At First Green, they know that a better life for animals means a healthier ecosystem for the planet. By helping animals, we are helping ourselves, nature and future generations.

First Green Industries a.s., is a Czech company that manufactures unique 100% electric skid steer loaders that are currently operating on virtually every continent. 

They are fully electric, with low noise levels and zero emissions. They can deliver maximum performance while maintaining the environmental friendliness of their operation.

In addition, they are 98% recyclable and are also designed so that each successive generation can be easily implemented in older types.

We are grateful that First Green Industries will not only help us improve the quality of life for primarily farm animals, but also raise awareness of this important issue and advocate for legislative change.

The more of us there are, the more we are heard. Every voice for change counts. Join us and our supporters: 

Jannis Samaras

"We need to improve the lives of animals, not only because they are sentient living beings who suffer unimaginably at our hands, but also because naturally raised animals make a positive contribution to the landscape, from water retention to biodiversity. Not to mention the fact that the meat we get from intensively farmed animals is full of unhealthy substances and is bad for our health." 

Jana Fabiánová

"The level of civilization is said to be known by how the defenceless are treated. Extreme and systemic abuse of billions of mainly farm animals on a global scale - no one wants to support that. So why is this still the "norm" in the EU? If people had a chance to see the reality of the livestock industry, I believe most would stop buying these products."

David Zábranský

"At a time when we already know so much about animal perception and when we are about to acknowledge the personality of rivers or artificial intelligence, it is incredible that we still treat so-called farm animals as mere matter."

Mira Fornay

"I became a vegan because it is absurd how horrifically, brutally and unforgivably cruelly we humans treat animals. We are separating young animals from their mothers, poultry in factory farms are subjected, like cows, to horrific suffering and stress, piglets are also taken from their mothers, and even these highly intelligent animals are kept in confined spaces where they soon go mad...

I understand that being vegan is not easy and not for everyone, but when we need animal products, we should treat the animals we get them from with respect and reverence as we would any other living creature."

Marie Jedličková

"I would like people to be closer to nature again, the nature we came from and cannot be without. Animals are an integral part of it and they are sentient beings, not things. They have a heart just like ours. It is our duty to treat them with respect."

Barbora Kysilková alias Barbar

"I am not vegan, which makes me feel even more committed to each animal and its product which I humbly accept. Conditions of animal husbandry that are dignified and as natural as possible play a very important role for me. Thanks to ONE HEART for inviting us to think, to become aware and to open our eyes for the sake of animals."

Zuzana Osako

"I'm glad that a fund has been created in our area that raises the important topic of #crueltyfree."

Halina Trsková

"I have long supported activities that aim to improve life not only in the Czech Republic. This is also related to ecology and the attitude towards animals, as they are also living creatures. Large factory farms, where babies are routinely taken away from their mothers after birth, animals are kept in a small space without natural light, fed pesticides and antibiotics, and visibly suffer etc. seem completely sick to me. Let's change that and do something good for ourselves, our animal companions and the world."

There is power in spreading and sharing information, because not only actions but also words have power.